Tao Hands...


My teacher Master Zhi Gang Sha, goes deeper than energy and looks at the soul, the message, the information of the problem. Similarly to The Emotion Code, which identifies the message of the emotion (shame, fear, dread etc...), Master Sha teaches that not only is everything made of energy but it also consists of information and it is this information that determines whether or not you will experience love, joy, good health, financial success, happiness, loving relationships or whether or not you will experience pain & suffering. This can be emotional pain, physical pain, it could be poor finances, difficult relationships and more. The information that is carried by the energy, which then creates the form, is responsible for the world you see. Good or bad. For example, have you ever had a negative belief or thought about yourself, then something will show up in your world that will confirm just that? This is because we are like radio transmitters and what frequency we are on is what will manifest. Change & transform the message, transform your reality, it is that simple. Not easy, but simple.



As a Tao Hands Practitioner, which is a program created by Master Zhi Gang Sha, I have been trained by one of his Certified Master Teachers and I have been given a permanent spiritual Tao Hands transmission which now means I can offer you blessings to help you rapidly progress on your healing journey.


As a Tao Hands Practitioner, Tao Hands can be used to offer blessings for the;


  • Physical body, such as pain in the lower back, knees, head, and neck

  • For the mental body; such as the ego, negative beliefs, thoughts and images you may have about yourself

  • For the emotional body, such as anger, depression, anxiety, worry, grief, fear;

  • For the spiritual body which can help you align with your purpose;

  • And to bless your relationships, finances, and any aspect of your life. 


For me, my Tao Hands has been so important and so powerful for my healing journey. When I have experienced deep, deep feelings of shame, deep feelings of fear, and anxiety, being able to bless the condition has really allowed me to accelerate the healing process and it has allowed me to achieve so much in such a short space of time. Tao Hands is a perfect accompaniment to The Emotion Code and I would suggest that it be used in conjunction to one of the packages or sign up to the subscription and receive regular blessings to help you heal much faster. I love my Tao Hands and I think you will too :)


Will I need to bring up my past?


Like the Emotion Code, we don't need to talk about anything you don't want to. We don't need to bring anything up, as I will tap into your subconscious mind to get the answers that I need.



Do I need to do it in person?


No. This is the beauty of distant healing. Sessions are done via


  • Skype

  • Zoom

  • Phone

  • Email


They all work exactly the same.