It All Starts with Opening Your Heart

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it” Proverbs 4:23

Let us begin…

What we hold in our hearts, determines what we manifest…I have recently just learned that the root cause of my own abundance blocks is directly linked to the pain that I have been carrying in my heart. This includes; my relationships, my work/career, the relationship I had with drugs and alcohol, the relationship I had with others, and more importantly the relationship I had with myself. Therefore, removing the blockages of the heart is key to manifesting your best life. I would like to share my journey with you of how I have gotten to this point.

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it” Proverbs 4:23

Since I can ever remember, I was always a bit detached, I didn’t really know my father & my step-father wasn’t very kind to the family, so growing up was a little bit turbulent…I actually built walls around my heart (literally energy walls around my heart) to protect myself from being hurt from the world outside.

The heart-wall is built of energy which is gathered from other areas of the body; it usually gunk like ‘worthless, worthlessness, depression etc…’, it is definitely not good stuff and even though these heart-walls have the best intentions, they want to protect you, they also prevent the gifts from The Tao, such as a loving relationship, purpose, money, health, the perfect career…from manifesting into your present world.

Moving past my heart wall, I discovered that message that my heart was sending was not that of love, self-worth, affirmations such as ‘I deserve to be happy’, what I actually found were messages of worthlessness, worthless, anxiety, depression…and as the heart sends this information to the mind, it did not come as a surprise that the images in my mind, pictured a life exactly like my heart described.

When the cuts run deep, sometimes focusing on the mind; visualisation, affirmations etc. just is not enough, we have to go deeper (like so much deeper),  soul-level deep to transform the message and recreate a reality that sees us thrive rather than survive.

How did I get there?

At the end of 2016, I hit the despair button and I was, what I like to call, tail-spinning. I had zero control over my life. After splitting from my ex, spending months and months, probably a solid 18 months going on benders, I did everything I could to avoid the pain I was experiencing. I was anything but the highest version of myself. That event in my life was the tipping point whereby I had to face ALL of the pain from my life and not just the breakdown in my relationship.

Beginning to look for answers, the first book I bought was The Secret, to be honest, I think I was searching for some form of hope. The Secret gave me hope in many ways, as it set the wheels in motion for the spiritual journey that I am now on. However, The Secret, at that point was not enough, I was still overwhelmed with a whole lot of pain, grief, anxiety, depression which I could not shake and I continued to look for solace in all the wrong places. I am not ashamed to admit, but I was pretty broken.

This year, the beginning of 2018, I decided that change needed to happen; I had to find the missing link to get my life back together again. I took a break from partying and drinking, and I kicked it up a gear when it came to seeking knowledge. It wasn’t until I found the Emotion Code & Master Sha and I started to really go within that the real transformation started to happen. Dr & Master Sha is New York Times Best Seller of the Soul Power Series & is known worldwide for his wisdom.

“Everyone & everything has a soul”, says Master Sha. According to Master Sha you have a soul, your heart has a soul, your liver has a soul, literally everything has a soul…But what is the soul? The soul is the information, the soul is the message that is broadcasted to the Universe to create that reality. In Master Sha’s teachings, everything is made up of Shen Qi Jing, Shen which is the Soul, Heart, & Mind or as Tao Science describes, everything is made up of Information, Energy & Matter. The Heart is vital in this process as the Heart is the receiver of the message which then sends it to the Mind to be processed. Meaning that if the Heart is blocked, the message of love, abundance, happiness, will not get through or will send a completely different message, a message that will not serve your highest self. Which was most definitely the case in my instance.

Fast forward 11 months

Since I started to work on my heart & really going within, my whole life has completely transformed. I have decided that drinking & drugs no longer serve me and I am now living a sober life. The relationships with my friends have improved, I have more patience, I deal with situations completely differently, I don’t see people/life as attacking me, like it is me vs the world.

Now it is me and The Universe together. I am beginning to feel more comfortable in my skin, I am beginning to give myself the love that I deserve, I have certified in The Emotion Code & as a student of Master Sha, I am awaiting my Tao Hands certification, so that I can help others like me. I have plans, dreams and aspirations of creating a life full of soul and purpose, but more importantly, I am starting to believe that a life like this is possible for me.

How I have done it?

  1. Forgiveness practice; they say that forgiveness is a gift that you give yourself. I believe this to 100% true. For when we have forgiveness in our heart there is no room for hate.

  2. Energy healing: I use both my Tao Hands & The Emotion Code to transform the blockages, to allow myself to heal naturally

  3. I meditate & trace Tao Calligraphy; focusing on Da Ai; which means ‘The Greatest Love’.

  4. I chant; ‘You Are The Mantra’; I use various mantras to connect with myself.

  5. I practice soul communication, using my soul language & soul song to connect with myself.

  6. I practice Da Gan En, ‘The Greatest Gratitude’, being thankful for every lesson and every opportunity to grow in every situation is key. Also, being thankful for everything that you have now, it is so important for opening up the heart.

  7. I practice outer self-care too, pampering myself in the physical pain, sometimes just makes you feel amazing, so don’t feel bad if you want to get your hair done or your nails did…

  8. I serve others. I serve to make others happier and healthier, I treat others with love and compassion. Once we start to serve in this way, the same service will come back to you. I promise.

Final thoughts…

Everyone deserves a life of their dreams and no dream is too big for The Universe, be kind to yourself, forgive yourself & others, work on opening your heart and discover the power that lies within.

Love & Light

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