My Story of Awakening Her

My personal healing journey and how I was inspired to create Awaken Her.

Hello, my name is Kyla & welcome to Awaken Her. I can’t even believe that I am writing this. I am smiling, my heart is beating with joy, I am having to pinch myself, as running my own business is something I’ve only dreamt about, I never thought could happen (self-limiting beliefs right there...). Not only do I get to have my own business, but I also get to help so many beautiful women & souls heal, helping them live much happier and healthier lives. I am truly grateful, I really am. If you are one of the women I am meant to help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Why the name Awaken Her? I chose this name because it reflects my own journey of awakening. Through my own life experiences of broken-hearts, abuse, addiction, self-harm, acting out on my anger, feeling like I had no purpose, questioning why I was even here, what was the purpose of me? I have gone from living in a world of hopelessness and shame, letting life happen to me, to stepping into my own higher power, becoming a co-creator, and I am now working in alignment with the universe to create something that not only will allow myself to live a much happier and healthier life but others too. I have been given a task of helping women heal, to align to their purpose and to live life to the fullest. I intend to complete this mission.

Part of my souls is to help other women to Awaken Her, the Divine Feminine power within. To give you clarity, to release you from the binds that negative belief systems, emotions, experiences have got you locked in, so that you can allow your true self, your divine self to flow through and go onto live out a life of purpose, of joy, of love, and of happiness.

How will I do it?

Well, because I have walked the path before you, I have tried and tested The Emotion Code and Tao Hands on myself first hand, so I am totally invested in this service, I trust that it works, and I am living proof of that. I will also share and guide you through meditation practices and provide guidance as to how you can help yourself transform from within to keep the momentum going.

Using Energy Healing

I use the Emotion Code, Body Code System and Tao Hands to identify trapped emotions, imbalances and underlying causes that have been creating the negative belief systems, creating the negative feelings, the feelings of overwhelming fear, anxiety, depression and more to help your true essence, your core self, the self who loved life and the self who had no fear, you know, like how kids have no fear, they are just who they are. It is magical! Anyway, through these methods, we can start to release these shackles so that you can go after the life you do want without being held back by the emotional baggage. These 2 modalities are wonderful and I use the following to describe;

Imagine you are walking, the sun is bright, you are happy, everything around you is beautiful, you take it all in and you’re just in awe, the path is clear, you know where you’re heading... But then, you have been walking for a while, the weather is beginning to change, it is getting colder, it is getting darker, and there is a thick fog that has descended around you. You can’t see the path, and you’re thinking to yourself, where am I going, how do I get out of here? You can still see a dim light ahead, the sun is still there albeit it is not as bright as it once was, but there is still hope that you can make it to where you need to be...

This fog is your emotional baggage, it is life, it is the people, the systems, the institutions that told you weren’t good enough. It is the emotional pain that you carry with. It is the stuff that is preventing you from seeing the path more clearly. These modalities help clear the fog, they allow you to see the path once more and they allow you to feel the warmth of the sun, your own light once more. I love these modalities. They have saved me.

How does it work?

I will be doing it by distant healing and sessions will be conducted via Skype, Telephone, Email, and Zoom. How does this even work? We are not in the same room and I can’t see you...Good question. To be honest, I am not a Quantum Physicist, so I can’t go into the in’s and out’s of quantum theory. What I can say is; as we are made up of information, energy, and matter. The distance of the electron to the nucleus is infinite, which is basically saying we are all connected in one unified field, nothing is separate from one another, despite the illusion. In quantum physics it says that time and space is non-linear, therefore, how we perceive the world, is very different from what is actually happening. Mind. blows my mind every time I think about it, to be honest. Studies of quantum physics show that everything is made up of various vibrations (waves) and because these vibrations are not limited by time and space, everything is basically a vibrational field consisting of different vibrations (Tao Science). Then through quantum entanglement, which is where two or more quantum waves can become quantum entangled and if I did something to them, the other would be affected, no matter how far the distance. This can be achieved through intention. Through my own intention, I can quantum entangle myself with you (with your permission of course) and begin to affect your energy field as though we were in the same room. I love this. So when I connect to your field, I can tap into your subconscious mind and begin working on releasing and transforming the negative information that has been holding you back. There is lot’s of research out there now that is beginning to explain how it all works. So please feel free to research, I have included a few things for you below to get you started;

But you know, we all have emotions, which is energy in motion, we can’t see them, but we know that they are, we can see the effects of our emotions. Sometimes, you have just got to go with it and see what happens. Open your heart to the possibility, then go from there. That is what I did. I had never thought about energy healing, spirituality or the like before my complete meltdown. Yet here we are. I wanted help, I wanted to change, and I was prepared to give anything a go to help me out of my inner pain. If in the end, it is not for you, then so be it. That is perfect also.

Muscle Testing

So following on from the mind-blowing stuff that is Quantum Entanglement, how do I test for imbalances & underlying causes in the body? Muscle Testing is a practice to tap into the subconscious mind in order to answer questions about your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.

How does it work? Our bodies live on the principles of bio-magnetic energy, while our conscious mind is mostly oblivious to these energies, our subconscious minds are deeply affected by them. They are responsive to congruent and positive information and energy and they are resistant to incongruency, negative information and negative energy. We can tap into this relationship between the subconscious mind and energy by asking ‘true/false, yes/no’ answers, then checking the bodies response to this. If it tests positive, the body will hold strong, if negative, then the body will go weak.

Muscle testing by proxy.

As above, through quantum entanglement, I will entangle myself with you and stand in for/represent you. I will then self-test, to find out the underlying imbalance and causes to your pain. To make the connection, one of the ways in which this can be done is by repeating your name as though it was me, until I get a positive response, that I am you. Once this has been done, I will carry out there work as normal.

Also, I am highly intuitive and I have been able to develop to connect with Source to channel guidance to help you on your way. I owe all of this to the Source and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to serve in this way.

This is truly remarkable work & I encourage anyone who is reading this to give it go. The fact that you are reading this suggests that you are slightly open to it.

Book a free session with me today to find out more!

Love & Light, Kyla

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