My Story of Awakening Her

My personal healing journey and how I was inspired to create Awaken Her.

Hello, my name is Kyla & welcome to Awaken Her. I can’t even believe that I am writing this. I am smiling, my heart is beating with joy, I am having to pinch myself, as running my own business is something I’ve only dreamt about, I never thought could happen (self-limiting beliefs right there...). Not only do I get to have my own business, but I also get to help so many beautiful women & souls heal, helping them live much happier and healthier lives. I am truly grateful, I really am. If you are one of the women I am meant to help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Why the name Awaken Her? I chose this name because it reflects my own journey of awakening. Through my own life experiences of broken-hearts, abuse, addiction, self-harm, acting out on my anger, feeling like I had no purpose, questioning why I was even here, what was the purpose of me? I have gone from living in a world of hopelessness and shame, letting life happen to me, to stepping into my own higher power, becoming a co-creator, and I am now working in alignment with the universe to create something that not only will allow myself to live a much happier and healthier life but others too. I have been given a task of helping women heal, to align to their purpose and to live life to the fullest. I intend to complete this mission.

Part of my souls is to help other women to Awaken Her, the Divine Feminine power within. To give you clarity, to release you from the binds that negative belief systems, emotions, experiences have got you locked in, so that you can allow your true self, your divine self to flow through and go onto live out a life of purpose, of joy, of love, and of happiness.

How will I do it?

Well, because I have walked the path before you, I have tried and tested The Emotion Code and Tao Hands on myself first hand, so I am totally invested in this service, I trust that it works, and I am living proof of that. I will also share and guide you through meditation practices and provide guidance as to how you can help yourself transform from within to keep the momentum going.

Using Energy Healing

I use the Emotion Code, Body Code System and Tao Hands to identify trapped emotions, imbalances and underlying causes that have been creating the negative belief systems, creating the negative feelings, the feelings of overwhelming fear, anxiety, depression and more to help your true essence, your core self, the self who loved life and the self who had no fear, you know, like how kids have no fear, they are just who they are. It is magical! Anyway, through these methods, we can start to release these shackles so that you can go after the life you do want without being held back by the emotional baggage. These 2 modalities are wonderful and I use the following to describe;