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1:1 Coaching package; Elev8d.

A program that will awaken you to yourself, to truths, to life...


Elev8d. is a 13-week 1:1 inner transformation program that will reeeeeally help you deep-dive into your subconscious and unconscious drivers, prompting you to build self-esteem and confidence so that you can achieve your goals and enjoy leading a more fulfilling & purpose-driven life. 


This package is for you if you're;

  • ready to take responsibility for your own happiness, no one is coming to save you.

  • ready to live life with more self-awareness & make it happen for yourself.

  • ready to reclaim your inner personal power

  • ready to live a life of your own making

  • ready to start enjoying your life rather than striving to prove yourself to others

  • tired of always coming second-best in relationships, in work, in play.

  • ready to live life with value, direction, purpose, & in alignment with who you are at your very core.

  • feeling lost, stuck, & in a rut but you're so ready to find out the 'why' so you can move on with clarity & confidence


What to expect:


13 x 1-hour Breakthrough Calls, during which we may use some or all of the following;


  • Soul guided messages to help you unlock the deeper parts of your psyche

  • Energy containers/codes

  • EmotionCode/Tao Hands

  • Workable content/tools to help you bring more awareness into your own life

  • A full report of what has been released during the session


Aftercare: Because I love you all & I want to see you living your best life, after sessions & during our time working together, I am available for additional support & guidance  (further information is in the welcome pack)

Investment £1,400

Words from Awaken Her clients 


Kyla worked w me when I felt like things in life were stuck. I lacked purpose, fulfilment and happiness. Through her energetic healing work, deep connected conversations shared wisdom and caring desire to help she cleared blockages for me that I didn't know I had. Now life is flowing again, I have a new relationship, a new job and a renewed sense of purpose in life. I cannot recommend her more as a healer. Her vibrant personality and her warmth are magnetising and I am so grateful to have experienced her magic.


Jenna Duff, Sydney, Yoga Teacher

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