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Helping you create your own version of joy, inner-peace, true love, unshakeable bliss and self-confidence

Awaken Her 1:1 Healing Services

Awaken Her 1on1...   Offers a bespoke healing service where you will receive deep healing as well as learning to create whatever you want in life, feel good about it, and feel good about yourself. Using my gifts as an energy medicine practitioner, intuitive, guide & mentor you will also gain insights, tools, and tips on the following*:

  1. Get clear on what it is you want and why you want the thing you want.

  2. Get clear on where you are right now.

  3. Universal principles that govern all life & how you can use them to transform your own life & create what you want.

  4. Understanding how your own information, energy, & matter create your experience.

  5. How to create the path of least resistance towards what it is you want through gaining self-awareness and self-healing

  6. Learning to follow Nature's Way.

  7. Tap into your intuition through muscle testing & other means.

  8. Being happy in the now.

  9. Birthing your vision into being

  10. Accelerating your results.

  11. Embracing, accepting, and enjoying your creation.

*This is tailored to meet your needs and where you're right now, we will cover whatever is appropriate for you at the time.


This service is for you if;

  • You want to change your life but you don't know how to.

  • You're ready to take responsibility for your own happiness

  • You're ready to create a life that is built upon the love for yourself

  • You want to live a much healthier lifestyle that empowers you rather than messes with you.

  • You're ready to live life with more meaning & purpose

  • You're sick of the little voice in your head judging & questioning your every move.

  • You're ready to let go of the past so you can move on

  • You want to have a peaceful heart & a peaceful mind

  • You're ready to live life with value, direction, purpose, & in alignment with who you are at your very core.

  • You want to have what you want and feel less stressed about it.


What to expect:


A Breakthrough session will last approx 1-hour (usually a bit longer sometimes stuff flows through me), during which we may use some or all of the following;


  • Soul guided messages to help you unlock the deeper parts of your psyche

  • Work with an inner road map that I've blueprinted off my own journey. 

  • Action steps to help you get clear on your goals & intentions

  • Emotion Code/Tao Hands

  • Workable content/tools to help you bring more awareness into your own life

  • A full report of what has been released during the session


3 x Session package = £200 (includes Tao Hands Blessing)

£80 individual session (includes Tao Hands Blessing)

If you want the 1:1 experience, payment plans are available, so please message me, don't say no to you anymore.

Tao Hands Blessings

If you're really busy and you're not ready for a longer-term healing commitment then invest in Tao Hands blessing, there is no reason why you can't invest in your own healing.

£30 per blessing (20 mins) 






Buy a package of 3 for £70 


Please note, blessings will be delivered on a Sunday evening at 20:00 and via Zoom/Teams. There may be others on the call whilst the blessing is being delivered. Also, you do not need to present on the video to receive a blessing. I will record so you can receive and experience it is more convenient for you.

Words from Awaken Her clients 



Kyla worked w me when I felt like things in life were stuck. I lacked purpose, fulfilment and happiness. Through her energetic healing work, deep connected conversations shared wisdom and caring desire to help she cleared blockages for me that I didn't know I had. Now life is flowing again, I have a new relationship, a new job and a renewed sense of purpose in life. I cannot recommend her more as a healer. Her vibrant personality and her warmth are magnetising and I am so grateful to have experienced her magic.


Jenna Duff, Sydney, Yoga Teacher